Tony Moore, Short Bio

Tony Moore is a trailblazer in the music industry, with a career that spans over four decades and has taken him from Bristol to the stages of sold-out stadiums around the world.

From his early days with Iron Maiden and Tanz Der Youth to his breakthrough success in Holland with Radio Java, Tony has always pushed the boundaries of musical creativity and performance.

As a member of Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight), Tony toured the world opening for legends like Huey Lewis, Starship, and The Bangles. They were even the first Western musicians to perform a live show in Taiwan where the audience was allowed to stand up and dance, causing a near-riot.

Tony’s contributions to the music industry have been recognized by the MMF (Music Managers Forum) and the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, who awarded him the “GOLD BADGE” for his services to songwriters and creative expression.

In 2019, Tony reached the pinnacle of his career when he performed his own composition “We Are The Light” at the European Games in Minsk, Belarus, captivating a sold-out stadium audience and reaching an estimated 100+ million viewers across 117 countries.

Tony embraced the digital age during the pandemic, playing over 110 consecutive online shows that have been viewed by countless people around the world.

He’s now taking his live performances to the next level with “AWAKE,” a one-man show that showcases his musical talent and has been receiving rave reviews from sold-out audiences.

With plans to tour Europe and eventually bring the show to Las Vegas, Tony Moore is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.

Tony Moore, Awake Bio

Get ready to be blown away! Tony Moore is taking to the stage with his electrifying one-man show, “AWAKE.”

Tony’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of legendary, from being an original member of Iron Maiden to playing with Meatloaf and hitting the charts with his own band in Holland to touring the world as a member of the band Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight). 

Now Tony’s bringing his own brand of musical magic to the world with his stunning and soul-stirring solo performance of a unique live concept called “AWAKE.

“AWAKE” is a journey of self-discovery and a quest for truth, meaning, and love in a world that’s gone mad. Tony has combined cutting-edge graphics, immersive video, and unforgettable songs to create an experience like no other.

Expect to be wowed by his imaginative stagecraft, channeling the greats of the last four decades, but with a fresh and deeply personal twist.

Audience members have been raving about the show, calling it “one of the greatest shows they’ve ever seen,” “mind-blowing,” “bonkers yet beautiful,” and “electrifying and emotional in equal measure.”

Don’t miss your chance to experience “AWAKE.” After playing to sold-out crowds in London for over a year, Tony is now ready to hit the road and share his unique brand of magic with the world. Get your tickets now!



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