More AWAKE Quotes


Last night I went to see Tony Moore present his multi-media ‘concept’ album and show ‘Awake’. The music, all created and played by Tony himself, was stunning. If I tell you, it was like one man’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and actually _as good as_ DSOTM, you will think it’s a crazy exaggeration. But it really IS that good! And the show itself is amazing…”

“Amazing night…incredible from start to finish, you must go see it…”

“This was a truly magical evening …”

“A fabulous show everyone should see!…”

“If you see what I saw… if you hear what I heard, you will be blown away too by Tony Moore’s concept album, ‘AWAKE’…”

“…you lay yourself bare during your show, whilst at the same time have the ability to speak for each and every one of us too!! Genius!!!…”

“Absolutely brilliant performance and show…”

“The best one man show I have ever seen…”

“..AWAKE was mind blowing ..”

“Amazingly emotional show from a seriously wonderful musician and indeed human being, who wears his heart on his sleeve and gives 100% to his audience!…”

“Compelling and emotional…”

“…AWAKE is a fantastic show, Tony Moore is MAGNIFICENT!”

“Such a fabulous and unique show. Highly recommended “

“Absolutely incredible show and performance…”

“… immersive celebration of life, absolutely amazing”

“The Renaissance Man of Rock did it again; absolutely brilliant!!”

“…bonkers yet beautiful, electrifying and emotional in equal measure.”

“What a powerful evening. Soul and passion threads this show throughout and seeing the musical and technical genius at work LIVE, is a must!”

“it’s Tremendous, a life affirming show…”

“… every song a Masterpiece…”

“Tony Moore’s AWAKE show is the closest you will come to seeing real magic.

It’s miraculous that one man can create and perform such an amazing show!…”

“This is a knockout show, highly recommended …”

“ …An all-encompassing  one man band, I couldn’t believe how emotional it made me feel…”

“Saw the Tony Moore one man show “Awake”

this weekend and it was nothing short of a spectacular ethereal experience the like of which I haven’t seen since Pink Floyd’s film “the Wall”.

It’s a totally unique audio-visual kaleidoscopic hypnotic Tour de Force which was mesmerising and moving at the same time. Showcasing the creative genius of the man it must only be a matter of time before this  guitar Masterclass show launches into a stadium tour and I want to be the first to see it again…”

“It’s Pink Floyd meets ELO in a mesmerising unforgettable unique show which will leave you speechless…”

“It’s an absolute MUST-SEE show…”

“This show has everything; It’s moving, dramatic, entertaining, funny and is a beautiful new musical experience that makes you feel good. Everyone leaves smiling and has a little more love in their hearts! You MUST see it”

“Tonight, was awesome “

“A FANTASTIC SHOW!!! See and hear it while you have the chance. Tony is one of a kind…”

“What an incredible immersive story!

the show is like nothing I’ve ever seen, such a great concept, it captures the mind and takes you on a journey…”

“A one-man powerhouse! This extraordinary show grips you and never lets go…”

“If Pink Floyd and Genesis had a child it would be the legend that is Tony Moore! A truly remarkable achievement…”

“I’ve seen the show many times and never tire of it…”

“It’s truly incredible and beautiful…”

“Such a wonderful concert – you are a legend ..”

“An incredible show, highly recommended …”

“It’s jaw dropping genius…”

“What a totally mystical, magical carpet ride you swept us all along on Tony!

It was the most amazing, incredible, original night of music and wonder! …”

“I’m not exaggerating when I say I left the show changed. That’s such an amazing gift and I don’t know if it was just us as musicians, but it changed how we felt about ourselves in such a positive way.”

“I could have watched the show 3 times over that night. I’ll definitely come again!! You’ve done something truly incredible.”

“It has everything: joy, pathos, art, longing, love, humour, and pure entertainment. You must see it…”

“Brilliant screens, songs, and ace guitar riffs. I recommend you go see it when he performs next”

“I want it again!”

“Absolutely Brilliant Night out… “

“Another wonderful show “

“It’s great from all angles”

“Tony’s performance was beyond incredible…”

“Tony played his 14th performance of the ‘Awake’ double album last night, a superb show as ever”

 “As a guardian to the threshold of personal freedom, and the knowledge that time cannot be defined as it only moves in one direction, the album exposes his soul to the light, which sometimes seems fragile, too vulnerable for scrutiny and too delicate to live, yet he protects it with his dazzling rendition of the ribbons in his life through his music”

Thank you, Tony Moore, for the amazing and incredible entertainment.

“Great show, great songs, perfect evening…”

“A wonderful evening, a wonderful show. A must for all to see and hear. Thanks Tony for your wonderful songs and exceptional artistry and for sharing with us.”

“Fab guitar sound. Love it”

“Amazing visuals, great songs and a consummate entertainer.”

“Your creativity was off the scale.  I was totally drawn in for your whole performance.

“Check out this inspiring musical masterpiece… In these days of music mediocrity, it will rock you back from the brink of despair…”

‘The most incredible prog rock, concept album I have heard in decades …”

“You wrote a Masterpiece; the work is timeless…”

“Thank you very much for the amazing evening, I have no words…”

“The guitar solos were sonic bliss and the show itself was unique…”

“…You had me at Guitar…”

“You wrote a Masterpiece, the work is timeless…”

“Thank you very much for the amazing evening I have no words…”