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“It’s been a while since I last caught up with Tony an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. Tony Moore is a lifelong musician with an eclectic career that includes playing with Iron Maiden in the early days, being a keyboard player in Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight) in the ’80s as well as releasing and performing his own music to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.” Read the full review here!

Delighted to present Tony Moore with the SongLink Song of the Year Award for ‘Crazy in the Shed’ at the Bedford last night. Tony played his 14th performance of the ‘Awake’ double album last night, (December 22, 2021) a superb show as ever. Plus I stepped up to play tambo on the reprise at the end, go Tony and keep Awake going in 2022!”

David Stark, Founder SongLink International

“Are you awake yet? Then let us begin. On Tuesday night I was among an enthusiastic crowd at The Bedford in downtown Balham (gateway to the south – yes, I remember, get on with it) to watch Tony Moore perform his awesome concept album in the making, AWAKE. Tony has enjoyed a fruitful career in the music industry from playing in an early lineup of Iron Maiden to working with several bands, including Cutting Crew as its keyboard player in the 80’s, plus writing and performing as a singer-songwriter. He is a spirited champion of new, emerging talent via his radio work and curation of The Bedford as a venue that is very much the home of new music in the capital.” Read the full review here!

“AWAKE” is a concept album. In an age where people are releasing solo tracks, I’ve gone against the grain and gone right back to my roots to the 60s and 70s rock kind of concept albums and progressive rock, and made something for me really that I am absolutely passionate about. It seems to be translating to other people and the tagline is in a nutshell, “ It’s a journey to discover truth, meaning and love in a world that’s gone crazy.” So that should tell you quite a lot about it. It’s about these last 18 months. It’s about my observations and my thoughts and my feelings and my creative response to what I’ve been thinking about. It’s also about looking at my life‘s journey. I think one thing that’s happened over the last year is I don’t think there is a single person on this planet that hasn’t at some point just questioned what their life is about, and where their life is going, because everything was thrown in the air in a way that there was no certainty or no future that you could plan on.” Read the full interview here!

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On Feb 1st 2021, Singer/Songwriter Tony Moore uploaded a live video performance of a new song he had just finished. It was called AWAKE, it lasted 9 mins, it had a lot of guitar solos, A LOT of guitar solos and the main vocal didn’t even come in till after 4 mins!

However, within days, the feedback was incredibly positive as thousands of views racked up alongside a growing list of enthusiastic and complimentary comments.

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Tony Moore is a British singer and songwriter who has had a truly eclectic career in the music business. He started his musical life as the (one and only) keyboard player in an original line up of Iron Maiden. He then went on to form a band called “Tanz Der Youth” with Brian James (ex Damned) and achieved critical acclaim as part of the “New Wave” of British Music at the end of the 70’s. In the mid 80’s his band Radio Java had a Christmas hit in Holland with a song he wrote and recorded at Abbey Road called “Fool”. In 1986 he joined the band Cutting Crew as keyboard player, who then went on to have worldwide success with the song “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight”. Through the 90’s he was co-writer/producer and musical director with an artist from Argentina called Marie Claire D’Ubaldo who had enormous success throughout Europe with the song “The Rhythm Is Magic”.